Create subtitles with tweets!


Subtwitter is a program that scans subtitle-files and replaces the subtitles with similar tweets.

Have a try, it's a mindbending experience to watch a movie like that: interesting and fun!

Download 0.91 beta

The Twitter api recently changed.. Now you can only get 150tweets in 15min.I'm working hard to find a solution


How it works!

Subtwitter generate a new subtitle file (.srt) with Tweets based on the original subtitle file!

Subtwitter generates a complete new .srt file!

The new subtitle file can be used with any media player that supports .srt files!

Looks like a normal subtitle!

We remove all unnecessary characters in the Tweet. So it seems more like a subtitle!


After too many hours, this is just for a gift for my girlfriend .

Tweet Creative Commons-Licentie